Mr. Swagger and Texas Flood


Mr. Swagger and Texas Flood


Nenad Zlatanović
Mr. Swagger

During the past few years, Nenad Zlatanović has got the reputation of one of the lead guitar players in Serbia and certainly one of the busiest blues/rock musician in the region.

Among enormous number of shows with his band, as a solo artist and in various duets, he had the opportunity to jam with Lance Lopez, Lucky Peterson, Ana Popović, Enrico Crivellar, Ian Siegal, Matt Schofield, Alex Shultz, Big Daddy Wilson, Alto Reed and almost every significant blues and rock musician from Serbia and former Yugoslavia.


Under the influence of acoustic achievements of Warren Haynes, Eddy Wedder, Chris Cornel, as well as being mentored by his older colleague and a celebrated musician Ian Siegal, Nenad Zlatanović a.k.a. Mr. Swagger begins in 2010 his own acoustic career in order to express his other, more tender side of his music personality.

Performing solo, and in duets with Pera Joe (harmonica), Duda Bezuha (guitar) and many others, he builds a unique style, putting in the foreground vocal, guitar playing technique and expressiveness of his own interpretation.

In the summer of 2013, Nenad released his first acoustic solo album „Naked Blues“ once again with Blues Time Records publisher. The critics and the audience were delighted. On radio Beograd 202 when voting for best album debut in conducted at the end of 2016, Naked Blues took high second place, which is an extraordinary result considering the fact that this is an acoustic blues album.

In 2014, Nenad Zlatanović won the competition of the young guitarists at the Guitar Art Festival and claimed his prize – a solo concert within the program of the next year’s Festival.

On the Naked Blues album, besides his own songs Troublemaker, Can’t Leave This Town, Stay Close, Nenad is paying tribute to some of his music heroes by recording following compositions: Soulshine (Warren Haynes), Hear My Train a Comin’ (Jimi Hendrix), I’m Alright (Dragoljub Crnčević), Life By The Drop (Stevie Ray Vaughn), Woke Up Dreaming (Joe Bonamassa)… Naked Blues was promoted by Nenad on many significant festivals. He was performing on Crossroads Blues festival in Belgrade, Blue Danube Fest in Novi Sad, Kobuci Kert festival Budapest, Sziget festival, also in Budapest, in front of more than 60 thousand people. Also, Nenad participated in promoting the book “To Be Rock’n’Roll”, written by the famous journalist Petar Peca Popović, who dedicated a chapter of his book to Nenad Zlatanović and his work.

He also contributed in participating on two albums of Katarina Pejak, Perfume and Luck, and First Hand Stories. As he was often pointing out Dragoljub Crnčević and his Point Blank band as one of his role models, it was a particular pleasure for Nenad to take part on his albums Gitarologija i Unforgiven.

All this caused two parallel careers for Nenad, as a solo artist and with Texas flood with countless live performances, and made him probably the busiest rock blues musician in Serbia and the region.

Texas Flood Band

Guitarist and singer Nenad Zlatanović formed the Texas Flood band in 2004. With the intension to play blues/rock influenced by Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, Gov’t Mule and Led Zeppelin.

In the beginning, the band performed as a quartet (two guitars, a bass and a drum), but in 2007, the band became a trio. Since then, constant members of the band have been Nenad Zlatanović and Vladimir Golubović. There were several fantastic bass players, but the man with the longest internship, Ivan Čukić has joined the band again after a long break.


Texas Flood has played over 1000 live concerts so far, mostly performing in clubs in Belgrade, Serbia and the region, but also in many festivals: North City 2007 (Kosovska Mitrovica, Serbia), Voxstock 2007 (Belgrade, Serbia), Blues Summit 2007 (Podgorica, Montenegro), Mostar Blues Fest 2008 (BiH), In Wires 2008 (Užice, Serbia), Danube Blues Fest 2008 (Novi Sad, Serbia), Blues Stock 2009 (Belgrade, Serbia) Budimpešta Blues Festival 2010 (Hungary), Gastroblues 2010 (Paks, Hungary), Blues & Soul Fest 2011 (Skoplje, Macedonia), Moto Rok Fest 2012 (Veliko Trnovo, Bulgaria), Timisoara Blues Fest 2012 (Romania), Luxemburg Blues Festival 2012, Rorschach Jazz Club 2012 (Switzerland), Beer Fest 2012 (Belgrade, Serbia), Rockvood 2012 (Devojački bunar, Serbia), Crossroads Festival 2012 (Belgrade, Serbia), Luxemburg Blues Festival 2013 i 2014, Rorschach Jazz Club 2014 (Switzerland), Beer Garden Festival since 2015 to 2019 (Switzerland) and 2017 again in Paks, Hungary on the 25th Gastro Blues festival where they shared the stage with Ana Popović and Julian Sas.

The band published their first album Grinnin’ In your Face in 2009 (Blues Time Records) with 7 author songs and 2 covers. Guests on this album were Raphael Wressnig – Hammond B3 (several times nominee in the Downbeat magazine for the organist of the year), Billy Gibson, harmonica (Blues Music Award 2009 winner) and Little G Weevil, guitar and vocal (International Blues Challenge 2013 winner and BMA nominee 2014).

In the 2019. Texas Flood is publishing their first album in their native, serbian language, Tražim ljude kao ja (Multimedia Music) and it got remarkable reviews.

There are 9 songs on this album, from which 8 were carefully chosen and a bit forgotten masterpieces of former Yugoslavian scene, and one song written by Nenad Zlatanović, frontman of the band, while the lyrics of this song were written by Vukašin Marković – Irie FM and Ivan Ristić. Also, there is one acoustic cover on this album, Obrati pažnju na poslednju stvar, of the legendary band Azra. featuring Duda Bezuha and Petar Miladinović – Pera Joe. As a guest on this album there was also the young Ana Protulipac as a back vocal.
There are so many things that distinguishes this album, among them is the design of the covers illustrated by one of the world’s best comic author R. M. Gera (Scalped, Django Unchained, Goddamned).

Over the years Nenad Zlatanović and Texas Flood have had the pleasure and honor to work and play with several famous musicians from all over the world as well as with great local musicians. Nenad’s blues duet with Serbian greatest harmonica player Petar Miladinović – Pera Joe is already well known. The two of them have been performing together for many years. Nenad is also having a duet in an acoustic form with Serbian prominent guitar player Duda Bezuha. Besides the fact that Texas Flood was honored by signature of above mentioned, famous comic author Rajko Milošević Gera, Nenad Zlatanović and Texas Flood had an opportunity to play with him, considering that Gera is the founder of one of the first Serbian blues bands, Strip Blues Bend. Some of the most popular projects Texas Flood accomplished were certainly concerts with the Serbian famous singer, and Eurosong contestant, Bojana Stamenov.

Texas Flood have also had joint concerts with distinguished bands and artists such as Riblja Čorba, Atomsko sklonište, YU Grupa, Divlje Jagode, Crvena Jabuka, Hladno Pivo, Kerber, Alen Islamović, Osmi Putnik and many more. Nenad Zlatanović and his band Texas Flood are also proudly standing behind the fact they were playing and sharing stage with Little G Weevil, Billy Gibson, Ken Hensley (Uriah Heep), Roger Chapman, Matt Schofield, Chris Farlow, Alex Schultz, Ditra Farr, Otis Taylor, Alto Reed, Lucky Piterson, Lance Lopez, Clay Windham, Ana Popović, Stan Webb, Ian Siegal, Big Daddy Wilson, and the band ZZ Top.

On the October 18th 2010, Texas Flood played in front of 10000 people in the Belgrade Arena as the opening of the legendary ZZ Top, and in November 2017 and December 2018 Nenad Zlatanović with Katarina Pejak and Pera Joe in Hala Sportova, Belgrade performed in front of 4000 people both times as a special guests of the American blues-soul singer Beth Hart. These concerts stand out as the greatest and most prominent moments in the band’s career to date.

Hendrix day

In honor of one of the greatest guitar players in history, Nenad Zlatanović has, with his Texas Flood band, arranged a concert in 2010 in club Kuglaš, to commemorate the anniversary of Jimi Hendrix’s death.

Coming across an unexpectedly huge response from the admirers of Hendrix’s work, an afterwards verve of the audience, Texas Flood held the same concert the following year, and every other upcoming year, so it may be said it grew up to be a real festival.


Today, we may say that Nenad Zlatanović and the Texas Flood band are a true association when this legendary guitarist is mentioned.

Over the years, the audience’s interest grew, and so did the need for larger concert facilities. The peak of Hendrix day begins with the cooperation between Texas Flood band and Mixer House in 2015. That year, their guest on the stage was Alto Reed, saxophonist of the legendary Bob Seger and Silver Bullet Band and a member of the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame. This concert was attended by over 800 people, and the year after by over 1200 people when Texas Flood hosted on stage Dušan Kojić Koja (Šarlo Akrobata, Disciplin A Kitschme), Miodrag Bata Kostić (Terusi, YU Grupa), Katarina Pejak, Ivan Milenković (Bluz Mašina) and the famous Tihomir Pop Asanović (Time).

Number of visitors has been growing year on year.

Interest for this event spread out to surrounding countries, so it is expected that this event is going to expand in the region and over, though Hendrix day became a true Belgrade tradition and every year the audience is eagerly awaiting for this concert to take place.